Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Module 1 Blog Assignment

Module 1 Blog Assignment

Personal belief on how People Learn…
My personal beliefs about how individuals learn are deeply tied to how one is introduced to new things from early childhood. We can think about the times when rote memory was necessary to retain information up unto the times when memorization is no longer necessary (Siemens, 2008) because information is easily accessible through digital technologies. However, today our students approach learning using a completely new medium, but the learning is tied to the same belief. They grew up with digital media and learn best using what they have become comfortable using. So, to sum it up, I believe people learn best by tying information to the things they are familiar with from their environment (personal frame of reference) and day to day interactions.

Learning Theory in Ed Tec…
Educational technology has had a profound effect on the application of learning theories in education. However, instructional design of ed tech courses must take into consideration the best practices on pedagogy and andragogy research in the field of ed tech. The way we learn has not changed, but the medium that we receive learning from has dramatically changed. The purpose of learning theories in ed tech is to guide the instructional design of content and provide an interface in which students can continue to learn in a student centered environment that promotes self efficacy, individual knowledge construction, and encourages “multiple perspectives and representations” of course content (Koohang, Riley, Smith, & Schreurs, 2009).

Koohang, A., Riley, L., Smith, T., & Schreurs, J. (2009). E-Learning and Constructivism: From Theory to Application. Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning & Learning Objects, 591-109.

Siemens, G. (2008, January 27). Learning and knowing in networks: Changing roles for educators and designers. Paper presented to ITFORUM. Retrieved from

Listen to John Abbott's Theory on Constructivism...he says every thought is subjective not objective...just listen and see what you think.


  1. Roxanne,

    I have never thought of how students learned due to their enivornment. You brought up a very good point. I sometimes wonder how come my grandson is so good at videos, but he does not like school. I now think it is due to the way in which he is being instructor. Our students are brought up in a digital age and we need to learn to teach in the best way for them to learn.

  2. Roxanne,

    It is really refreshing to find so many contemporaries that share my own beliefs and opinions concerning education. We are in agreement with our views, especially with how and when new information is introduced for learning. I really believe that this is why my own father has difficulty with the computer today. He didn't have access to the digital world when he was twelve. Of course, my father was twelve in 1941, so that pretty much precludes computer use of any kind.

  3. Roxanne-
    The medium has certainly changed, and as you note, learning theories help our understanding of this cognitive evolution. The instructional design as well as the pedagogical choices made are all affected by the medium.


  4. Roxanne,
    I agree that the environment has changed and educators need to change with the times. You touched on a pivotal aspect of learning by how we are introduced to new things. That initial experience can shape our learning and and effect our perceptions for future learning experiences.

  5. Roxanne,

    In biology, there is a theory that the genes controlling human growth and development display a high level of environmental plasticity. That is, a child's growth is highly affected by environmental factors. For example, a child raised in high altitude will have a higher red blood cell content, greater lung capacity, and increased size of the right ventricle of the heart. While adults can realize some of this plasticity, they will never attain the same level of a child raised in the environment. Your discussion made me think of this, as it seems very appropriate for learning, as well. Children raised within a digital learning environment will adapt to the specific dimensions of that environment.

    -Randall Case