Sunday, July 31, 2011


When I think about the way I have learned throughout my life, many factors have discombobulated the original frame of reference from which I learned. I am from the one room school house where one size “had” to fit all or else you did not absorb information. From that perspective, I learned by memorizing content and steps presented by the teacher in the classroom. Today, I not only learn, from the teacher, but I also learn from my fellow colleagues (they help me explore various ideas that connect to what I already know to expand application of knowledge), collaborative learning (using Skype), social networking (from my virtual community), and even by simply interacting with my fellow scholars in the discussion area.

I am a regular user of digital tools, but wikis, blogs, virtual simulations via YouTube, and discussion forums best facilitate learning for me. When I find myself in situations where I need to learn something new, I search the web for meaning and examples. I use the meaning gathered and the examples to help me construct my project and during the construction phase, I learn how to manipulate through the software or the project environment.

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